How to search for a Singapore private driving instructor

It is easy to find a private driving instructor in Singapore. Many of them advertise their services through websites and newspapers.

With an internet access, you can head to any search engines and search for private driving instructors in Singapore. There should be at least 10 websites for your choosing.

Some of them even come up with their own dedicated Facebook Page to promote their private driving services.

Some tips before you decide on a private driving instructor:

1. Find out all the fees charged by the instructor. Make sure that you know all the hidden charges. Cost is always an important factor for all our purchases.
2. Find out more about the instructor’s reviews. Do other learners find him friendly and helpful?
3. Ask about the pick up and drop off location. Different instructors may choose different pick up points. The pick up point may be nearer to your location, and thus be more convenient for you.

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