Sunday, January 23, 2011




"Sexual Tic Tac Toe" by @LAMBERTLUST

Adam was bent over on all fours as Tommy came in to mount his cock in Adam's tight rectum. Adam let out a girlish scream as Tommy injected his cock deep inside of him. "oh fuck bb your so tight" Tommy winced as emphatic pleasure began seeping through out his body. Adam was then thrust into a catatonic dream state of passion. picturing himself and Tommy frolicing along a sandy beach all alone on a desert island walking hand in hard. there tender passion for one another, their undying devotedness welled up deep within him. his blissful reverie was then interrupted by Kris who barged in, his face brimming over with jealousy. "what the fuck Adam" Kris yelled in desperation. "i told you we were through Kris" Adam replied in infuriated rage. "now go return to your trophy wife so Tommy can get back to fucking me". "don't you even care about me anymore" Kris replied still in a state of shock. "listen Kris" Adam said to him in a more compassionate tone "i love you. i always will but you are engaged to a beautiful woman that loves you. i can't give you what she can. go back to her" tears welled up in Kris's eyes "oh my god what have i done" Tommy was feeling a little uncomfortable and said "should i go Adam" "no hang on a sec" Adam relied. "Kris i will never forget the time we spent together. I'm glad you were able to let go and experience something different, but it isn't right and you know it". "your right Adam" Kris said as he wiped the tears from his eyes. Adam then gave Kris a big hug and walked him to the door. "now where were we" Adam smirked. Tommy then gabbed Adam's head and pulled their lips together violently. their tongues were circling with erotic fervor. Adam's cock was now fully erect and Tommy got of his knees and wrapped his lips around his massive erection as he jacked himself off. Adam's cock was incredibly stiff and Tommy marveled at its mammoth size as he sucked it back and forth. jacking it up and down with his hand as his lips rolled around his head and down his shaft. "fuck" Adam moaned "your so damn good baby" "i wanna fuck you". "oh hell yeah" Tommy said "i want every inch of your love deep inside me" Tommy then stood up with his against the wall and spread his legs. Adam then came up behind him and gently slid his glambulge in Tommy's tight ass. "fuck me hard Adam" Tommy yelled. Adam them thrust his cock inside Tommy with tremendous force. sweat began dripping from Adam's face as he got into an intense rhythm. screams of passion emanated from both of their mouths. waves of chaotic bliss flew through their bodies as Adam's cock pummeled Tommy's tight hole. "OH MY FUCKING GOD ADAM!!! NEVER STOP FUCKING ME" Tommy cried out in ecstasy . "you like that baby" Adam yelled as he kept fucking Tommy's tight entrance furiously. Tommy then held his limbs back and there palms locked each others forearms pulling one another together in rigorous motion. the sound of the vigorous packing of flesh for what felt like an eternity. passionate screams filled the room as Tommy began to climax "cum inside me" Tommy begged Adam. "fill me up with your sexy hot jizz". "You ready for it baby" Adam groaned in euphoric jubilation. then Adam's cock erupted his massive load inside inside of him. Tommy then came immediately upon Adam's sperm entering inside him. Both of them cried out with passion "fuuuuuuucccccckkkkk" Adam howled. Tommy was is such a state of catatonia he could barley make any sound as he whimpered "fu-huck" electricity was flowing through them as they both had multiple orgasms. at that moment they were one and it was as if time completely stood still for them. Tommy and Adam were both dancing on a cloud of pure erotica. then they both laid down on the bed sprawled out in exhaustion. "mmmm bb you know just how i like it" Tommy said with a seductive tone to his voice. "oh yeah i never wanted it to end. your so damn good" Adam relied. "hey baby lets go shopping" Adam said with a boyish look on his face. "i'm way ahead of you" Tommy said as he was already getting dressed.

to be continued......


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