Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm So Obsessed With Your Sexiness by @GlitterBadger !WARNING THIS CONTAINS GRAPHIC SEX!


I'm So Obsessed With Your Sexiness by Glam Slut    by @GlitterBadger   I'd get to the arena early and Adam and the band would be doing meet and greets, and I'd get Adam to sign a shirt or something. I'd tell him how fucking sexy he is and how much I love him and ask for a kiss, and not one the cheek but a real kiss. By that time Tommy would appear (from where ever) and I would tell him he's fucking gorgeous and get a pic with him and have Meg take a pic of me kiss Tommy. Then I'd really kiss Tommy like grab his hair, smashing our faces together. The kiss would be hot and wild as I tug on his hair, pressing my body against his...Adam would get distracted by watching us. Adam is supposed to be signing autographs, but he's too busy watching Tommy slid his hands around my ass, pulling me against him as I suck on his neck, making sure I leave marks. Everyone is taking pictures, but we don’t care. Then Tommy sneaks me onto the bus. We go to the very back and I want to tear his clothes from his body, but I don't want to hurt them as he needs them. We carefully remove each other’s clothes. His hands are squeezing my breasts as I grind my hips against his cock. We both are completely naked. I’m admiring all his tattoos, tracing some of them with my tongue, enjoying the salty yet unique flavor of his skin. His hands are tangled in my hair as he pushes my head down to his cock...he's hard rock hard. His perfect glossed lips are parted slightly as he pants. Releasing soft quiet moans. I’m nervous as hell as I slide my tongue up his length and roll it around the head. Hearing him moan makes me want to do it more, and I do. I take his head into my hot mouth, sucking lightly, rubbing my tongue cross the slit. Stroking the rest of his cock with my hands. I slide my mouth over his cock, sucking steadily as I feel him thrusting into my tongue rolling around his cock, sucking it passionately. His moans become just a bit louder, but he bites his lip, just so he don’t get too loud. That’s when Tommy opens his eyes and realize that Adam is standing there watching us. I don’t look up, I continue sucking on Tommy's cock, but I can definitely feel his strong presence overwhelming me. Adam doesn’t say anything but quickly discards his clothing onto the floor; crawls onto the couch with Tommy curls his fingers around his blonde hair and kisses him violently. I pause just for a second to watch, because it’s the hottest fucking kiss I have ever witnessed. Adam places Tommy's trembling hand on his cock; he's so hard. It looks as if he is going to pop the zipper on his pants. Tommy palms at Adam’s crotch with his other hand in my hair shoving his cock down my throat. I yelp when Adam yanks me away from Tommy's cock, but automatically shoves his thick cock down my throat; I barely have enough time to take in a quick breath as his cock completely fills my mouth. It’s so big and pulsing. Adam wraps his hand around Tommy’s cock; stroking it hard and fast. Tommy arches his back; moaning and begging. Adam directs me to lay down on the couch, and I do as he asks, Tommy crawls in between my legs and starts licking and sucking on my clit. My hands grasp his hair tightly, pushing him closer. Adam stands above me with his cock down my throat, pumping hard and fast. I’m clawing at Tommy’s shoulders, grinding myself into his face as I can’t scream because my mouth is full of Adam’s throbbing cock. Tommy raises up with swollen lips and messy hair and asks in a breathy voice if I want him to fuck me. I quickly nod my head yes, as I feel Adam's cock sliding down my throat, trying my best not to gag. Tommy tells me to get on all fours and I do. I can feel him kneeling behind me. His cock hard and slick pressing at my tight ass. I almost scream when he pushes it in, slowly, but Adam stuffs his cock back down my throat. He’s so fucking hard and I’m so tight it hurts but feels so goddamn good at the same time. Adam’s cock pumping in and out of my mouth wildly as Tommy’s cock penetrates my tight ass. Tommy’s hands grasp my ass firm and tight holding me in place as he slams into me, making me jerk and moan against Adam’s cock. His hand is curled around my neck as he fucks my face with his nose right against the base. his balls smacking wetly against my chin as his hips jerk back and forth. Adam leans over me and just forces his tongue in Tommy’s mouth; their tongues slamming together wetly; both men gasping and breathing heavily. My body is practically bouncing on Tommy’s cock; wanting him to fuck me as hard as he can. Adams grip on my neck is on the verge of painful as he lets out a deep growl; his body turns rigid as I feel him explode all in my mouth. He pulls out and wipes some of his hot cum on my cheeks and lips. My tongue immediately tries to lick it all off. I can feel Tommy loosing rhythm and his body trembling as he just fucks my tight ass recklessly. Adam directs him in a deep voice to cum and he does all inside me. I moan and then I lose it. I’m shuddering and quivering as I cry out Tommy’s name, bouncing on his cock as I cum too. I come about 5 times then I just fall limply on to the couch. Adam grabs my face and kisses me deeply and sensually. And then I kiss Tommy. Then Adam kisses Tommy. Tommy is the first one to speak "I've never done that with a fan before." Adam says "it felt fucking good." I say "wow. Some fantasies do come true" all the while I keep looking at the pix on my camera that I’m never going to show anyone hahaha

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