Thursday, January 6, 2011

"After The Show" by @GlitterBadger !WARNING THIS CONTAINS GRAPHIC GAY SEX!


After The Show  

by @GlitterBadger  

Tonight's show left Tommy rather hard and full of desire. He was just glad his bass covered his erection most of the night. The entire night he couldn't keep his eyes off Adam, watching him; every move. The way his hips gyrated to the music, thrusting into the air. As if that wasn't bad enough, but no it got worse. During the end of Whole Lotta Love, Adam had to literally tongue fuck the audience. His long tongue flicking into the empty stuffy air in fast motions nearly killed Tommy. He stood there in his place on the stage, frozen. His cock hard pressed against his leather pants. The rest of the show went buy kind of hazy for Tommy. All he could think about was Adam. Adam and that talented tongue of his. He was kind of disappointed that he didn't receive a kiss tonight during Fever. Tommy wanted to feel Adam's lips on his..feel that tongue licking him. Swirling and just licking his body. If he didn't stop fantasizing right there on stage he would cum in his pants. As soon as the show was over, Tommy rushed back to his dressing room, slamming the door shut. He forgot one thing. He forgot to lock it. It only took a few moments for his pants to be around his ankles and his hard cock in his hand, jerking it. Tommy couldn't take it anymore. All the teasing on stage, was just too much. The way Adam kissed him, pushing his tongue inside his mouth even if it was for a brief second, still made Tommy weak in the knees. Tommy wanted Adam's tongue on him. He wanted Adam to do all sorts of dirty things with his tongue.His hand grasped his cock tighter, pumping it with his fist. After hugging Longinue and talking to him, Adam rushed off to find Tommy so they could go mingle with the fans for just a few. Adam smiled, knowing that Tommy was still in his dressing room. With his hand on the knob, Adam stopped as heard sounds from the other side. Tommy was moaning loudly with his legs spread and hand fisting his cock. Images of Adam's tongue flashing through his head..each thought kinkier than the previous. "FUCK" he hissed. Adam stood with his ears pressed against the door, listening intently to Tommy. Maybe he was on his cell arguing with someone he thought. But then he heard the harsh panting and moans, and Adam could feel his own cock pressing against his pants. Fuck. Tommy was jacking off. The images invaded his mind instantly. Maybe he should knock. Maybe he should just go in. Tommy gasped standing there in his dressing room with his pulsing cock in his hand thinking about all the times Adam's sweet sinful tongue had been inside his mouth. Now he just imagined that tongue inside him. Inside his body, licking and lapping at him. He was trembling. "Adaaammm!" He cried out. Adam swallowed dryly...hearing his name slip from Tommy's lips in such arousal was almost enough to make Adam cum in his pants. Without thinking, his hand grasped the knob tightly and turned it. It made a soft click as it opened. Carefully he pushed the door ajar and peeped his head in. And everything was forgotten. The only thing Adam could concentrate on was the sight of Tommy standing there against the wall; head tossed back, mouth gaping open, panting and gasping for air as he bucked his hips into his hands. Adam's hand rubbed at his own crotch; completely fixated on the sight of Tommy. Adam couldn't take standing there and just watching his pretty little bassist jack off, when he wanted him so bad himself. Quietly Adam strolled into the room, shutting the door. As the door click shut, Tommy immediately looked up. Gasped, frozen with his hand still on his dick. Blinking at Adam, trying to form a few words. But nothing. His mouth was wide open, but nothing came out. "Next time, try locking the door. Anyone could have walked in. You're lucky it's me." Adam smirked, walking toward Tommy, who still seemed to be frozen. Adam seemed to take control of the whole situation as he placed each of his freckled arms around Tommy's little body, pinning him against the wall. Tommy couldn't move. Couldn't speak. Just stare wide-eyed at Adam, blinking. Curling his lips into a smirk, Adam's hand batted at Tommy's hand, swatting it off his cock. His breath hitched. "So you wanna get off?" And Adam's eyes were wide and glassy with lust and desire burning bright. His tongue snaked over those sinful lips. Tommy watched every movement of Adam's tongue; he felt his body quiver with want. He wanted to touch. Wanted to taste. Wrapping his hand around the back of Tommy's slender neck, Adam brought their faces together. But this was not like a stage kiss. This was real. His tongue pushed into his mouth, sweeping over his and licking at every part of his mouth. Their tongues rubbing together hotly. Tommy's tongue licked and sucked on Adam's desperately craving more and more, pushing his body into Adam's. His hands gripping and clawing at his shirt. Adam slowly pulled away from the kiss, tugging on Tommy's lower lip with his teeth. He growled. "What do you want Tommy Joe?" His eyes fierce with emotions. "You...." he panted. "Fuck...I fuck Adam." Tommy said breathlessly. Adam's lips twisted into a devilish smirk; eyes gleaming. Tommy's body jumped. With each hand on Tommy's hips, Adam sunk to the floor on his knees. Tommy glanced down at him. He was gorgeous, fucking gorgeous. Tommy groaned. Adam looks up at Tommy, running his tongue over his mouth, licking those lips. Tommy shivers, wanting...needing. And then he feels Adam's hands rubbing and caressing his thighs as he pushes his legs apart. Spreading them wide.Adam's tongue swiped across the head of Tommy's hard cock; his whole body trembled. Reaching his hands down; he grabbed a fist full of Adam's black hair. Moaning and panting. Adam's hand slid further back, pressing right against Tommy's tight hole. His tongue licking and lapping at the slit. "FUUUCKK" Tommy cried out, feeling the pleasure roll through his body. Looking up at Tommy, Adam licked his lips slowly. "Hang on tight GlitterBaby, you're in for a ride." Adam hissed. Abruptly grabbing Tommy's leg and throwing it over his shoulder. His back pressed harshly against the wall. Nails clawing at the cheap wallpaper. Tommy growled loudly, throwing his head back against the wall, the moment he felt Adam's tongue swipe across his balls. "Oh shit" he gasped. Adam opened his mouth wide, sucking on one of Tommy's balls, rolling it around with his tongue, licking it. Tommy could barely stand. His nails dug at Adam's head. Adam pressed his middle finger right against Tommy's tight hole. The blond gasped, rocking his hips into Adam. Taking his hands, Adam grasped Tommy's ass and spread him wide. Wide open. He blew a small puff of hot air against Tommy's ass. Tommy gasped for air, his hips rolling toward Adam. He nearly fell apart the minute Adam licked his hole. The sensation was electrifying. He had never felt anything like it before, and dammit he wanted him to do it again. Adam's tongue circled around the tight ring of muscles of Tommy's ass. He could feel him trembling above him. And Adam was pretty damn hard himself. His hands spreading Tommy open as his tongue pushed inside. Tommy went breathless; his body seized up. And he swore he thought he could cum just by that alone. "FUUUCKKK!" He cried, his head hitting the wall. Adam's tongue slipped deeper inside him, licking at the muscles and tasting him. Tommy rocked his body. Adam opened his mouth, placed it right over Tommy's tiny hole as he pushed his tongue all the way inside, flicking it hard and fast. Every nerve ending in Tommy's body was going off like fireworks. His hands tugged harshly on Adam's hair; body trembling as he could barely hold on. He could feel his leg go weak. His mouth sucked at Tommy's ass, with his tongue deep inside, rubbing at all the right spots; making Tommy dizzy with pleasure that pulsed through his veins. Tommy mumbled and whimpered things that made no sense as he tossed his head from side to side against the wall. Mouth gaping open, panting for air as if he was drowning. He couldn't take much more of this. His body was already grinding on Adam's face. Then Adam shoved his tongue so far up Tommy's ass that it made him see stars, flicking wildly and hitting all the right spots. Tommy was about to lose himself, but Adam pulled his tongue out of his ass and started sucking on his balls. Tommy's body writhed in pleasure, quivering and shaking as he felt that mouth sucking on his balls. His eyes rolling back into his skull. Nothing but incoherent sounds rolled off his lips. "Turn around." Adam demanded, breath deep and raspy as he licked at Tommy's neck. Tommy didn't waste any time in doing what Adam wanted. His back toward Adam with his hands pressing firmly against the wall, making his ass stick out. He knew what he wanted. It took Adam all of seconds to have his pants on the floor. Grasping Tommy's narrow hips, Adam rubbed the head of his cock at the hole. Tommy hissed feeling the pleasure rush through him. Adam's hand slinked around his chest and started playing with his nipples, rubbing and flicking it against his finger. Tommy tossed his head back, moaning. Adam slowly pushed his cock inside Tommy's tight ass; feeling his muscles wrap around him as he entered. Tommy released a deep breath he was holding. With his hands on Tommy's hips, Adam pulled back. His lips on his ears "Hold on." He warned. And in one harsh swift thrust, Adam's large cock was buried inside of Tommy's tight ass. Tommy yelped in surprise; eyes wide at the sudden intrusion. Adam kissed his neck softly in reassurance. He pulled back and then pushed back inside. Tommy growled at the sudden pleasure that was taking over his body. Tommy enjoying the feeling Adam's cock inside him, moaned, pushing back into him wanting more. "Harder" he panted, pushing his hips back. Adam growled. His fingers digging into the pale skin as he shoved his cock inside harder and faster. Tommy cried out in ecstasy, tossing his head back as his eyes rolled into their sockets. "oh fuck....yess..." he panted. Adam slammed into Tommy's ass, their bodies slapping together. Tommy could feel his knees going weak with each thrust..harder into him as he hit that same spot that made him dizzy. Adam's teeth scraped across his neck, biting and nipping at him. The tightness of Tommy's ass; the muscles convulsing against Adam's cock, squeezing it as it pushed deep inside. Oh shit. Adam wasn't going to last much longer. Growling loudly; he dug his nails onto Tommy's hip and pulled him back on to his cock roughly. His thrusts got more wild and erratic, slamming and pounding into him. His teeth and lips leaving purple bruises all along his neck. Reaching up, Adam grabbed a fistful of Tommy's blond hair and yanked it back as he just drilled like a wild animal into his tight ass. Tommy screams loudly, biting down on his lower lip until he can taste the faint of blood. "Jack your cock." Adam's voice was a harsh breathy command. Tommy's fist immediately grasped his pulsing cock, stroking it in time with Adam's wild thrusts. Adam pulled harder on his hair, biting at his neck like a hungry vampire as his cock buried inside his ass. Tommy's hand pumped his cock hard and fast, slicking it with precome. All the hot pleasure and the intensity took over Adam. His whole body tensed. With one last brutal swift thrust, Adam slammed his cock deep inside Tommy's ass, stilling. Arching his back, squeezing his eyes shut as his orgasm rocked his body. His cock erupted inside of Tommy, pulsing hot cum in his ass. The warm wet sensation was too much for Tommy to handle and he spilled his cum all over his hand and stomach. Tommy collapsed Against Adam, both breathing heavily covered in sweat and cum. Adam wrapped Tommy around his arms and they both fell in a silent heap into the floor. Grabbing his hand, Adam licked Tommy's cum from his fingers, swirling and sucking at it. Tommy let out an exhausted moan. Adam smiled at Tommy, both completely exhausted and breathless. "I think we better get going before someone comes searching for us." Adam giggled. "I don't want to move. Ever." Tommy protested. The two slowly put their clothes back on, and fixed their appearance so it wouldn't be too obvious they had just fucked. When they walked outside, Monte approached them. "Where the hell you two been?" Monte glanced at them and waved his hand in the air. "Never mind. I don't want to know just...get on the bus." He laughed. Adam dragged Tommy onto his bus and whispered, "You're staying with me tonight." Tommy smiled and followed Adam back to the bunk._END_   

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