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25) Queen + Adam Lambert, Seoul 14th August 2014

26) Queen + Adam Lambert, Osaka 16th August 2014

27) Queen + Adam Lambert, Tokyo 17th August 2014



1) Queen + Adam Lambert, Chicago, 19th June 2014



2) Queen + Adam Lambert, Winnipeg 21st June 2014


3) Queen + Adam Lambert, Saskatoon, 23rd June 2014


4) Queen + Adam Lambert, Edmonton, 24th June 2014


5) Queen + Adam Lambert, Calgary, 26th June 2014

6) Queen + Adam Lambert, Vancouver, 28th June 2014


7) Queen + Adam Lambert, San Jose, 1st July

8) Queen + Adam Lambert, Los Angeles, 3rd July

9) Queen + Adam Lambert, Las Vegas, July 5th

10) Queen + Adam Lambert, Las Vegas, July 6th 


11) Queen + Adam Lambert, Houston, July 9th


12) Queen + Adam Lambert, DALLAS, July 10th

13) Queen + Adam Lambert, Detroit, July 12th

14) Queen + Adam Lambert, Toronto, July 13th

15) Queen + Adam Lambert, Montreal, July 14th

16) Queen + Adam Lambert, Philadelphia, July 16th

17) Queen + Adam Lambert, NewYork, July 17th

18) Queen + Adam Lambert, Uncasville, July 19th











19) Queen + Adam Lambert, Columbia, July 20th





20) Queen + Adam Lambert, Boston, July 22nd

21) Queen + Adam Lambert, Rutherford, July 23rd

22) Queen + Adam Lambert, Uncasville, July 25th 






23) Queen + Adam Lambert, Atlantic City, July 26th

24) Queen + Adam Lambert, Toronto, July 28th

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Adam Lambert Twitter Party Monday March 31st 2014

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Queen + Adam Lambert Performances 2009, 2011, 2012 & 2013

American Idol May 20th 2009

Europe Music Awards November 6th 2011

Queen and Adam Lambert Live in Kiev Ukraine 06-30-12

Queen + Adam Lambert: iHeartRadio Music Festival Las Vegas  9-20-13

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PEZ HEAD POST - DON'T GIVE HIM HITS - I'VE COPIED EVERYTHING Adam Lambert Equality Council LA Awards Dinner!

Darren Criss, Adam Lambert, & More Come Out To Support The LGBT Community With Their Voices At The Family Equality Council LA Awards Dinner!

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glee equalityla support event
Anytime Gleeks unite for a great cause, our hearts dance…
Especially when there's music involved!
Adam LambertDarren CrissAmber Riley and Ryan Murphy were just a few of the show's famous faces to attend the 2014 Family Equality Council L.A. Awards Dinner held at The Globe Theatre on Saturday night in El Lay!
Not only did Darren and Alex Newell aka Unique auction off a private tour of the set, but the stars also treated guests to some gleeful music!
In hopes to create "equality for all families," Adam dazzled the crowd with his rendition of Mad World, while Darren melted hearts with Somewhere That's Green!
But the vocal powerhouse that is Amber Riley delivered a heartfelt performance of Who You Are, that was simply phenom!
Ch-ch-check out Adam's performance as well as some super secret bonus songs that we were able to dig up—including Darren singing Piano Man and a silly version Say Something (below!)